upcoming events 

art KARLSRUHE 2020

art fair, Karlsruhe, Germany

with Galerie ROOT, Berlin

February 13 -16



Galerie ROOT, Berlin

with Ingeborg Rauß (AT)

March 3 - 27 

Galerie Zaiß, Aalen (DE)

with Ute Wöllmann and Andreas Amrhein, Berlin 

April 5 - May 10 


MINQIN, China 2020 

3rd International Desert Sculpture Symposium

July 2020  

since May 2019 represented by SMART COLLECTORS

Wiesbaden, Germany



energy in form

We ourselves should constantly be aware of the significance of the term `freedom of art´and we should defend this freedom as our utmost concern. Therefore I am free to state that an excellent stone sculpture embodies both a material and at the same time an immaterial energy; as a result I understand these kinds of objects as: energy in form! 


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